The Drone Age

Ever wondered about the impact of drones in today’s world? The development of drones and their data gathering options has been extremely quick. Businesses across many different industries that have embraced this technology have had an immediate advantage over their competitors and the wider community are benefiting too.

Time magazine have recently published a special feature entitled “The Drone Age”. Here is an excerpt:

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), are performing complex site assessments and accomplishing conservation tasks that have been extremely difficult and cost-prohibitive—until now. With the ability to capture a wealth of visual and geo-tagged data, researchers are using drones to assess the physical condition of landmarks and identify critical areas of deterioration, collecting valuable data ideal for creating detailed preservation and restoration plans.

Using drones to inspect fragile, historic monuments helps maintain a site’s integrity, eliminating the need for cumbersome, heavy and potentially damaging scaffolding. Manoeuvrability and acute vision enable specialists to inspect inaccessible areas and identify vulnerabilities. And the images gathered through high resolution sensors allows preservationists to create multidimensional models that may reveal new insights.

You can read the Time magazine article in full here.

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