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I am James Hutchinson and, as the Operations Director at Dronesmart Global, I am your liaison for all projects.

Working with partners across the drone industry, there really is no limit to the data we can provide for you – using a range of sensors on various drones. Using the right equipment for the job, with the client’s best interests driving everything we do.

How do our aerial photography (drone) services help you?

One example is that we show companies how they will save money with preventative maintenance inspections (PPM).

Where preventative maintenance has not been carried out, we can also establish where external damage to buildings has occurred from storms and on-site accidents.

We enable property developers, construction companies and contractors to stay updated with site progress.

We provide property owners with the best marketing photography to increase their chances of achieving a faster sale at the highest price.

Our photogrammetry (Mapping) services also facilitate financial savings with a more precise understanding of whole sites. An example of this would be a client’s first look at buying a piece of land for development where the client can be shown the topography in one zoomable image stitched together in software from hundreds of GPS-located images.

Why me in particular?

My business experience, especially in sales and marketing, spans thousands of clients over more than twenty-five years. I am known for my integrity and am confident that Dronesmart Global will deliver excellent results for you and your company.

What to do next!

Call me to discuss how I can help capture the footage you want or email me the parameters of a defined project to receive a quotation.

Why Dronesmart Global?

Drones are simply tools which we use to capture data. People can see a drone and focus on how easy and quick it looks to launch and retrieve, but this is only a tiny part of the story. It is important to invest in a drone operator with experience, training, and proper insurance coverage. There is a huge amount of planning involved. Dronesmart Global will play a key role in how your company or project is presented.

  • We listen to what YOU want
  • We have Operational Authorisation from the Civil Aviation Authority
  • We have Public Liability insurance


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