All our projects are bespoke. Please find a selection of our services below and ask for more details if what you want is not specifically covered.

Roof Inspection

Roof Inspections - Residential & Commercial

Inspect your roof for early signs of deterioration or assess post-storm damage. No scaffolding or cherry picker required.

Construction Site Progress Tracking

Accurately measure the volume of spoil heaps, monitor stock levels, spot inefficiencies, resolve contractor disputes and stay up to date remotely. Minimise risks to your people working at height or in hazardous areas.

3D Mapping of Buildings

Enable proper survey of buildings with images viewable at all angles, without a ladder or scaffolding. Maximum detail, minimum risk.

Historic Building Inspections

Record the beauty of historic architecture for future generations. Efficiently inspect for areas of damage, reducing the need for scaffolding.

Infrastructure Inspections

Reduce the duration of maintenance inspections and access risk-filled areas without risking workers. Collect accurate data more quickly than traditional methods.

Agricultural Services

Document the working of the land. Showcase your farm. Observe and compare crop performance, adapt plans accordingly. There are plenty of ways our services can help landowners.


Drone operations are repeatable – we can fly the exact same route time and time again, enabling you to view subtle changes to an environment, remotely monitor progress on projects or see the overview of a project without leaving your office, in order to decide where to place resources.

Flights can be taken inside structures, eg. tanks, tunnels and silos, minimising the risk that exists if a team of workers have to enter a toxic environment for regular visual inspections. With the right scanning equipment, underground pipes can be assessed without vegetation being disturbed.

All our pilots are authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority and have the required insurance.


Architects, surveyors and builders all benefit from land mapping. The orthomosaics we produce are an example of photogrammetry (the science of taking measurements from photographs). Hundreds of images are taken from different elevations and angles which, once a 3D model has been created, enables proper analysis of sites. Example applications include:

– Volumetric measurement of spoil heaps
– Construction project progress tracking
– Mapping of drainage and erosion over time
– Archaeological site development
– CSI (Crime Scene Investigation)
– Insurance claims evaluation
– Damage assessment after natural events
– Monitoring and recording of historic properties

A 2D orthomosaic involves a large collection of perspective corrected photos stitched into a larger image. As there is no distortion, the uniform scale across this picture makes it possible to measure true distances.


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