Inspections & Construction


We provide regular inspections to property owners of all kinds. Companies with larger residential or commercial buildings and landlords with rental portfolios all benefit. It is better value to engage in PPM than to get hit by large and unexpected costs when things go wrong. Tenants who find leaks with no obvious origin, roof issues, or storm damage that could have been prevented, all these things involve rushed resolutions, with contractors invariably requiring expensive working-from-height arrangements like scaffolding and cherry pickers.


Regular site inspections by drone will benefit all stakeholders. At a management level, it means everyone is looking at the same data at the same time. At a contractor level, disputes can easily be resolved with evidence provided that helps to clearly show what was carried out and when. Even at a risk management level, regular aerial images can help the team understand where risk hotspots are as well as provide inspection images that would have required working at height, and using a drone to do this in itself reduces the number of people required to work at height to gather images and other data.


Architects, surveyors and builders all benefit from land mapping. A 3D map uses photogrammetry (the science of taking measurements from photographs). Hundreds of images are taken from different elevations and angles which, once a 3D model has been created, enables proper analysis of sites. Example applications include:

– Accurate volumetric measurement of spoil heaps
– Construction project progress reporting
– Mapping drainage and erosion over time
– Archaeological site development
– Crime scene investigation
– Insurance claims evaluation
– Damage assessment from flooding, wind, fire, earthquake
– Monitoring of historic properties

A 2D orthomosaic involves a large collection of perspective-corrected photos stitched into a larger image. As there is no distortion, the uniform scale across this picture makes it possible to measure true distances.


Employing us enables you to effectively manage the whole estate which you are running. Key areas can be mapped, giving you a full understanding of topography and areas prone to flooding. Other areas can be recorded to see progress, for example where environmental projects are undertaken on behalf of the landowner. Like other commercial operations, particularly with older buildings, preventative maintenance inspections can be hugely beneficial in mitigating future costs where there could be a failure in rooves or facades.

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