A huge CEF distribution centre.


A few years ago, flying inside a warehouse would have been the preserve of hobbyist drone enthusiasts. However, with advances in technology that help with safety and camera quality, it is now commonplace in the professional drone industry but split into two distinctly different styles. The first is FPV (First Person View). This is a style of drone flying and footage that is often high speed, with lots of twists and turns. Great if you are trying to follow a mountain bike downhill but used too much in marketing footage it can make the viewer feel a little queasy unless the operator is highly experienced. Like most skills, the more you do it, the slicker and more subtle your footage becomes and the best operators have hundreds of hours behind them.

The second method of flying inside a large structure is shown in this short film  CSL & CEF Distribution Centre Case Study

It is extremely important to consider the safety of the distribution centre employees and by using a small drone and flying slowly it is possible to achieve the smooth footage you see here without putting anyone at risk. Whilst everyone on the ground is always excited to see a drone operating in a ‘closed’ environment it is up to the pilot to control the risk factor whilst focusing on capturing the best footage for the client and in this case a DJI Mini 3 Pro was used. The perfect tool for this particular job!

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