Inside The Steam Train Museum – Series 2 – Channel 5!

It is late June 2023 and with current jobs underway it is hard to imagine projects from 2022 still coming to fruition. However, the much anticipated second series of ‘Inside the Steam Train Museum’ has just aired on Channel 5 (Friday 23rd June 2023 at 8 pm) and this is my opportunity to tell you how much fun it was filming some of the aerial footage featured in the four episodes.

These links will take you to the series trailer and the first episode itself:

Inside The Steam Train Museum – trailer

Inside The Steam Train Museum – Episode 1

Alex Irven of Firepit Media has a genuine interest in the Bressingham Steam Museum, having been involved with it as a volunteer and now as a documentary filmmaker. What he has created with these two series for Channel 5 is a fascinating insight into how volunteers come together to keep a dream alive. The combined energy, enthusiasm and expertise of these volunteers keep the museum running and provide joy for its 65,000 visitors a year.

Bressingham Steam Museum & Gardens

For those visitors, young and old, there is plenty to embrace and the gardens are stunning, too. It was a privilege for me to capture aerial imagery of a place that we have visited as a family and that our four-year-old particularly enjoys.

Enjoy the series!

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