Marketing with drones!

How often do you click on a company’s website, only to discover stale imagery that makes you question their attention to detail? Here we are in 2022…..home pages and social media pages are shop windows. An ageing window display on the high street is not going to inspire visitors with confidence. It is possible that there is an excellent service being offered by that business, yet potential customers may not even come in to find out.

Refreshing your website with aerial images and video is extremely cost-effective. Rewards will far outweigh the minimal cost. A commercial drone operator with a good eye can supply pictures and footage that really speaks to clients and draws them in.

Those of us who have spent time in another industry (mine was nearly 25 years in the leisure sector) know that we offer commercial experience as well as great photographs. This helps companies trust that the person taking the pictures truly understands how to speak to their clients.

The leisure industry is particularly competitive. Businesses are trying to tempt new clients all the time, perhaps more so now than ever before? The glamping site being promoted by the accompanying video (click link below) shows how a potential customer can really imagine the tranquility of the place and make a conscious decision to look further – based purely on the footage. Why would anyone market a beautiful place like this with unedited images taken on a mobile phone (as many property owners do)? Luckily, the owner of this one already has a great understanding of what a customer is looking for and having a professional video done perfectly complements the time and effort that they have put into offering their guests the very best experience. I spent some time there while filming and can attest to the ambience being perfect for a relaxing break. It is unique….in a good way!

The bottom line is that a commercial drone operator can help enormously with your company image. A good one will have background experience in business that helps them to supply the images that will best speak to your clients so that your company can be successfully promoted to fresh audiences in 2022!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

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