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Drone use in the UK construction industry

The last few years have seen a monumental increase in drone use in the construction industry, with cost-conscious construction companies and developers realising the huge advantage offered by this relatively inexpensive technology.
  • High-quality drone photos of construction sites are great for tracking progress from the initial site clearance through the groundwork stage, to completion of residential and commercial construction projects. Many sites employ a CAA authorised drone operator to provide monthly or even bi-monthly updates in the form of aerial photographs.
  • A high priority is rightly given to the reduction of construction site costs as well as health & safety, where the use of drones can reduce the risk to employees, where initial drone inspection can negate the need for employees aloft or where issues are spotted in aerial photographs which enable site managers to make corrections along the way which contribute to employee safety.
  • Specialist software enables drone operators to create 3D maps of sites or sections of sites, from which it is even possible to calculate the volume of spoil heaps, for example.
In addition, drone photos can really add value to social media posts, updates to websites, marketing materials in general. This is not just for developers or for site management companies but for all the contractors on a site. Now, in February 2022, we are seeing a real upsurge in bookings from construction project managers who wish to keep a closer eye on what is happening in their area of responsibility. There has never been a better time for construction companies to utilise the services of a commercially insured (and Civil Aviation Authority authorised) drone operator.

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