Deben Bar

I recently had the chance to go back to my sailing roots, by taking a set of images of the River Deben entrance – a set of shifting shingle banks that have given more than one boat owner a set of shredded nerves. Firstly, I enjoyed capturing the images because they are useful and will […]

Grand Designs!

Dronesmart Global were lucky enough to be asked to capture aerial footage for Grand Designs – The Streets. This is the second series and Kevin McCloud follows the progress of people who wish to self-build an individual property that is designed around their own use, rather than settling for a modern box. The range of […]

Drone use in the UK construction industry

The last few years have seen a monumental increase in drone use in the construction industry, with cost-conscious construction companies and developers realising the huge advantage offered by this relatively inexpensive technology. High-quality drone photos of construction sites are great for tracking progress from the initial site clearance through the groundwork stage, to completion of […]

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